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Avoid the Commute Flowspace was purposely set up in North Beach to save business owners in Perth’s northern suburbs having to commute all the way to the CBD in traffic for a quality work space.

No More Distractions Stop having your productivity hindered by the distractions of working from home. Flowspace lets you get into a productive headspace and do your best work.

FAST Wifi Stuff sitting at a cafe pulling your hair out because the wifi sucks. The wifi here is clocked at 46.77 mb/s on That’s 6.5x faster than Perth’s average of 7.1 mb/s.

Look Professional to Clients Working from home is a bit embarrasing when you need to meet clients, or have kids/pets making noise while you’re on a call. Having a quiet, professional space to meet and call clients from only helps with your credibility.

200m From the Beach It may not be your cup of tea, but at least it makes for great bragging rights to know you could go for a swim in your lunch break if you wanted. The famous Flora Terrace cafe strip is also conveniently located right across the road.

Furnishings That Feel Great You won’t find any of those flimsy plastic chairs or bean bags here (we like to think of ourselves as a coworking space for adults). All our chairs are fully ergonomic (sit for 10 hours if you like), and there’s even a standing desk space.